Hi! My name is Tajer and these are my Tales told through photos, videos, audio recordings, music, and art. I produce art under the pseudonym MTDA and music under the pseudonym Knaht Uoy. Thanks for checking it out and feel free to use the contact page for any questions or inquiries.

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► YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkiWihHq8K8HlFOXhI1wuhg

Where did I get my name?

Myth has it my name originated with my great-grandfather who was nicknamed Tajar after the children’s book Tajar Tales.

As my great-grandmother would read this story to a group of girl scouts he would act out the scenes dressed up as the Tajar from the story, a horrifying but kind creature that was a mix between a tiger/panther/badger.

My Mom didn’t like the spelling of the name and changed the second ‘a’ to a ‘e’ resulting in the spelling Tajer. As a kid I loved telling this story but now when someone asks I’ll be referring them here (haha).

<3 Love you Mom <3

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