The name Tajar was a nickname given to my great-grandfather many decades ago. It twas passed down to me and the spelling changed by my mother to Tajer. It comes from the childrens book Tajar Tales by Jane Shaw Ward. Its a tale about a misunderstood creature “something like a tiger, something like a jaguar, and something like a badger.” It was said that  “if you see him once, you would forget what he looked like, but if you should see him twice you would forget to forget what he looked like and that would be quite fatal.”

Some of the first books I first started reading things like Goosebumps and eventually evolved to the Harry Potter series and John Grisham books like The Client, The Firm, and The King of Torts. Sometime in high school a teacher made us read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, a short 163 page novel about a Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago and his journeys finding his purpose in life. This book still is on my shelf today and since then I have added many more, mostly in digital formats like audible.

Below is a list of the books I still keep in my library and look forward to recommending or picking up and reading again. If you see anything you would like to read clicking on the image will bring you to the listing on Amazon and a small ‘kickback’ will be sent my way from Amazon if you decide to make a purchase. This helps me keep running this website and doing what I love to do. Thanks for your support, I truly appreciate it!

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